Engineering » Vehicles

During the lifetime of a vehicle, usually industrial, can be subjected to varioustransformations to adapt them at all times to market demand. The procedure is regulated by R.D. 866/2010. The necessary technical project must ensure dimensional state, safety, strength, stability, etc. that affects the vehicle.

On the other hand, for the importation of used vehicles , both own property such as in the buy - sale, it is necessary to draft an EEC Certificate of Conformity, which relates the fundamental characteristics of the vehicle, regulated by RD 750/2010.

To attend this area of engineering, Acción Industrial y Proyectos, has a specialized department , located in Torrevieja-Alicante, opposite ITV, which function is:

Outstanding legislation

Real Decreto 866/2010, de 2 de julio, por el que se regula la tramitación de las reformas de vehículos.

Real Decreto 750/2010, de 4 de junio, por el que se regulan los procedimientos de homologación de vehículos de motor y sus remolques, máquinas autopropulsadas o remolcadas, vehículos agrícolas, así como de sistemas, partes y piezas de dichos vehículos.