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proyecto ingenieria

The old definition of Opening License, currently has different names depending on the Autonomous Community and environmental impact of the activity, gathered in general in Law 16/2002.

Following as example the "Comunidad Valenciana", the authorization system is stated in Law 2/2006 and Decree 127/2006 of "la Generalitat", of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Quality.

These procedures are:

and that shall apply in the the establishment, tranfer, change of ownership or substantial changes in industries, shops, offices, etc.

Acción Industrial y Proyectos, offers advice and drafting of the necessary technical documentation applying the different areas of engineering which might contribute to the overall development of your projects.

Outstanding legislation

Real Decreto 127/2006, de 15 de septiembre, del Consell, por le que se desarrolla la Ley 2/2006, de 5 de mayo, de la Generalitat, de Prevención de la Contaminación y Calidad Ambiental.

Ley 16/2002, de 1 de julio, de prevención y control integrados de la contaminación.

LEY 14/2010, de 3 de diciembre, de la Generalitat, de Espectáculos Públicos, Actividades Recreativas y Establecimientos Públicos.